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What Factors Affect the Production Efficiency of Vibrating Screen


The vibrating screen is the key mining equipment used in the gravel production line to sieve the ore material. It can sort ore materials into different grades according to their size. The vibrating screen is widely used in industry, mining industry and construction industry. . Shanghai Joyal mining machinery vibration screen small amplitude, high frequency, large obliquity structure, high screening efficiency, handling capacity, long service life is the ideal screening machinery and equipment.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we talk about what factors affect the screening effect of shaker, shaker mainly depends on screening materials and shaker sieve relative movement of the screen to carry out the screening of the material. Vibrating screen mainly depends on the horizontal movement or vibration (mainly vertical movement) of the sieve surface to sieve the material. If the method of vibration alone will cause uneven thickness of the vibrating screen material layer, it needs two kinds of motion modes.
In the use of vibrating screen, if the screen surface screening material is too thick, will cause some small particles on the vibrating screen material is not easy to pass through the screen, will reduce the screening efficiency of the shaker, but also reduce the shaker Of the screening effect.

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